New music video is teaching harmony within chaos

 ‘Cholo Paltai’ – the latest music video from KSS Music India.


The brand new music video ‘Cholo Paltai’ has been released under the banner of KSS Music India. KSS Productions and Entertainment is already very well known in the world of Bengali entertainment, with releases such as ‘8/12’ (Binay Badal Dinesh), followed by ‘Mrityupathojatri’ and finally ‘Shrimati’, which will be KSS’s latest release.

KSS Production and Entertainment, helmed by Kan Singh Sodha, while presenting good and meaningful films to the film goers of Bengal, have also been creating and releasing music videos and short films as well throughout the year from their two virtual platforms KSS the Originals and KSS Music India. Their brand new music video ‘Cholo Paltai’ has just been released. With this music video, KSS Music India seeks to create a unique common world for all by removing any and all differences in our surroundings that stop us from being one.

‘Cholo Paltai’ conveys a simple message for people to unite in current times where in religious, social and economic gapsa are widening ruthlessly and racism is increasing drastically in our society day by day. The song is sung by Kajal Chatterjee, Abir Biswas, Rupak Tiary and Rishi Panda. Sayan Samrat has composed the song, Samrat Debnath has written the lyrics, Priyanshu Kaushik has played the violin, Kuntal Dey has performed on the guitar and done the mixing and mastering of the song. 

As tou will witness in this video, several new singers are seen performing the song ‘Cholo Paltai’ together. The video is directed by Arpa, camerawork by Shaan Chakraborty and the edit by Aritra.

Kan Singh Sodha, Head of, KSS Music India, KSS Productions and Entertainment, said, “These two platforms, KSS The Originals and KSS Music India give opportunities to young and emerging talents for their works to be brought forward to the general public.

This song ‘Cholo Paltai’ is a little different one from other songs released on KSS Music India. We live in times when the issue of harmony is mercilessly stares at our faces. The way the whole world is war-torn at the moment, the way people are becoming accustomed to looking at each other with suspicion, a gentle touch of harmony can save the world from further decline. Based on this very thought, I sincerely hope that this endeavour of ours will call for true change and upliftment in society. This song has the potential to become the anthem of the new generation as well.”

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