“Child is the father of Man” “Ghumiye ache shishur pita shob shishur ontore “

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“Child is the father of Man”

“Ghumiye ache shishur pita shob shishur ontore “

Ayushman Initiative for Child Rights ( AIFCR ) a charitable trust, registered in Kolkata, hàs been working for the rights of alienated children and has chapters in NCR, Bangalore, Telengana, Odisha and Maharashtra. In association with ISPAT it is organising this walk to commemorate the International Father’s Day on June 18, 2023. The walk is taking place from Karunamoyee ( Salt Lake ) to Salt Lake City Centre and its main objective is to propagate the message that fathers play an equally important role in parenting of a child. Participants in the walk include Dibyendu Barua, Sayan Bhattacharya, Pt Mallar Ghosh, singer Sumit Roy, Smt Mallika Ghosh, Advocate Ammar Zaki, Advocate Saptadipa Singha and the surrogate father of the city Abhishek Paul.
Mr Arijit Mitra, hon secretary of AIFCR spoke about the objective of the event and the importance of father in the role of a child. Mr Ritesh Basak , secretary of ISPAT spoke about the essence of the programme and its aim to create awareness of the role of father as a parent to a child. Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua stressed upon the need to respect and love the father and that father is not merely a bread winner of a family. The programme ended with song by Sumit Roy and other cultural artists .

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