INIFD LINDSAY STREET KOLKATA Designers Dazzles the runway
at New York Fashion Week

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INIFD LINDSAY STREET KOLKATA Designers Dazzles the runway
at New York Fashion Week

Indian fashion dictates the future of fashion. “INDIAN FASHION TRUNK” during New York Fashion Week presented by the young designers of Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) was a celebration of the Craftsmanship of emerging Indian student Designers that was witnessed at the ‘New York Fashion Week’, world’s most prestigious fashion week on September 9, 2022, at New York City.
It’s a matter of pride for INIFD LINDSAY STREET KOLKATA that a garment designed by an INIFD student designer was showcased at the prestigious New York Fashion Week.
The show has the capturing spirit of India with students coming from diverse backgrounds, focused on spring-summer trends while embracing an exciting season. Overseen by a Fashion Expert with experience of more than 20 years, Gintare Jankuniene, the students created the collection of 55 womenswear all of which reflected their personal narratives. 
The spectacular Collection was designed on the basic principles of DECONSTRUCTION. Incorporating an experimental approach to their work designers produced a conceptual but ultimately wearable outfit by deconstructing: unpicking three simple garments (trousers, jacket, and men’s shirt) and taking them back to flat pieces then adapting, developing, and reconstructing into different designs.
Dhobi Ghat
Our theme is Mumbai’s largest open laundry which is called Dhobi Ghat. Where a number of 300 washer men works. In our these garment we have deconstructed the regular men’s white shirt and jeans to a female dungaree type garment. We have chosen a theme from a common place and common silhouettes to convey that sometimes common things can convert into incredibly awesome one.
Pockets are a small but important component of clothing. Despite their deceptive Obscurity and utilitarian nature, pockets are sensitive “to fashion changes and they can reveal a wealth of social and cultural information. A pocket is a bag or an envelope like space which are attached to any clothing to hold small items.
Pockets are a very essential element of garment. It makes it easier to carry or hold. things while going out or simply help to carry Little things. It makes the garment look cool.
Vikram Betal
Written in Sanskrit as Baital Pachisi’ depicting the Journey of the legendary King Vikram, who get possessed by the ghost named Betal. The Garments Showcases the two bodies attached into one while revealing a sense of Justice and wisdom on which Betal tests the King throughout the journey into the dark forest.

Mr. Rapheal Mantosh, Centre Director INIFD LINDSAY STREET KOLKATA said that “It is a matter of pride for our city as our student designers who worked so hard to showcase at the premier fashion week ‘NYFW’ and have always brought laurels to the country. Our designs worked on design innovation whilst demonstrating an awareness of commercial considerations when designing and producing an outfit. Students of INIFD INIFD LINDSAY STREET KOLKATA were jubilant about their success at the most prestigious international platform New York Fashion Week and they celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.
Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) with a legacy of over 27 glorious years revolutionizes the Design education in the country, keeping in sync with today’s rapidly changing dynamics of the Design World. INIFD has established a strong global presence by giving an opportunity to its existing students to showcase their skills & creativity at 3 official world-renowned Fashion Weeks directly from their classrooms which include ‘INIFD Presents GenNext’ & ‘INIFD Launchpad’ at Lakme Fashion Week in India, London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. 

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