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Visionopolis has emerged as the ultimate haven for Myopia and Presbyopia Management in the field of ophthalmic treatment and care with highly acclaimed professionals and experts. Visionopolis redefines excellence in the realm of optical health combining the innovation of modern science and multitudinous benefits of holistic ophthalmic care and treatment.

The grand inauguration ceremony has witnessed an assembly of distinguished personalities, including the esteemed Chief Guest, Shri Debasish Kumar, Honourable Member of the Legislative Assembly. Joining him were esteemed Guests of Honor – the renowned Actor Anirban Chakrabarti, along with the exceptionally talented Child Artist Swarnav Ghoshal, on the evening of August 10, 2023.

The event is further graced by Debasish Kar, President of the West Bengal Association of Optometrists (WBAO) and the visionary Founder of Vidyasagar College of Optometry and Vision Science. The presence of such dignitaries across varied fields has underscored the strong partnership between academia and practice, setting the stage for advancements in eye care.

Aloke Kumar Sanyal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kolkata Traffic Police has added more to the prestige of the occasion. His presence has highlighted the importance of clear vision in ensuring road safety and well-being.

The launch of Visinopolis marks a pivotal milestone in the realm of optical healthcare, promising breakthroughs in Myopia and Presbyopia Management. Visionopolis is poised to reshape the landscape of optical health with innovation, expertise, and holistic care at its core.

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