Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe- a plant Boutique Blooms to Life in Kolkata, With Star-Studded Launch by Thespian-Actor Dolly Basu

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Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe- a plant Boutique Blooms to Life in Kolkata, With Star-Studded Launch by Thespian-Actor Dolly Basu

KOLKATA, September 10, 2023 – Kolkata’s newest green sanctuary, Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe officially opened its doors to the public in a grand inauguration ceremony that saw the presence of the city’s beloved thespian-actor, Dolly Basu, as the chief guest. Owned and curated by distinguished educationist and serial entrepreneur, Professor Maitreyee Mallick, the boutique’s launch was nothing short of a celebration of nature’s beauty and the fusion of art, culture, and sustainability.

The grand opening of Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe event featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony along with a sapling planting initiative with Dolly Basu, who lent her star power to the event and shared her passion for green living and environmental consciousness.

The vision of Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe is not just to sell a plant but convert the buyer into a plant parent and build a community .The journey of nurturing a sapling into a plant is parallel to the journey of the plant parent who will be supported with constant communication from the boutique, sharing expert guidance on plant care through videos and along with taking an update on the plant’s overall development .

Prof. Maitreyee Mallick’s vision for Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe has been realized in a truly remarkable way. Spread across 1200 square feet along with a terrace garden, the plant boutique offers an impressive array of indoor and outdoor plants, a large variety of succulents, cacti, orchids each carefully selected for its unique beauty and contribution to a greener planet. Visitors were delighted to explore some unique plants imported from Thailand and Vietnam due to similar climatic conditions namely ‘Elephant Ear’, ‘Green Rose Buds’. Apart from a curated collection of plants, the Shoppe also retails planter- pots, accessories, making Sunflower Sole Sapling a true haven for urban gardeners.

One of the highlights of the event was Dolly Basu’s heartfelt speech, where she emphasized the importance of nurturing nature and instilling a love for plants in the hearts of the younger generation. A plant- parent herself and a self taught gardener, Dolly Di praised Prof. Maitreyee Mallick’s commitment to green education and sustainability, recognizing Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe as a valuable resource for both plant enthusiasts and environmental advocates.

The plant boutique’s mission goes beyond being a retail store; it’s a place of learning and inspiration. Prof. Maitreyee Mallick said “ I envision Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe as a hub for workshops, seminars, and educational programs on plant care, sustainability, and environmental conservation. With this, the boutique aims to foster a community of conscious individuals who value and protect our natural world especially the youth of the city.”

The post-launch excitement continues, as Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. Visitors have already expressed their appreciation for the boutique’s commitment to quality and sustainability, making it a promising addition to Kolkata’s green landscape.

Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe is open daily from 8AM to 8PM.
The plants can be booked online and home delivered by them. Price begin from Rs 50-Rs 5000.

Let us all embark on a journey of plant discovery, sustainable living, and environmental education.


Sunflower Sole Sapling Shoppe
152, Purbalok, Kalikapur
Kolkata 700099
Near Metro Cash and Carry

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